Domain Transfer

Thinking about transferring your domain name but not sure if you should? Consider the following and let us help!

  • Convenience— manage your domain registration and website hosting from one provider.
  • Cost reduction— it costs less to buy a domain name from WebDios Technologies.
  • Consolidate— Transfer your multiple domain registrations to a single registrar

If you’re ready to transfer your domain name, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. You must provide your Administrative Contact e-mail address for the receipt and acceptance of the transfer confirmation. Use of another e-mail address will result in transfer failure.
  2. After you've submitted the online forms, you'll receive an email from us with complete instructions. It is very important the Administrative Contact e-mail address you provided during sign-up is valid and functional so you receive our messages.
  3. Follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail to complete the domain name transfer process instructions completely in order to conclude the domain transfer process.
  4. The process will not be complete until you respond to our confirmation email.

Your current registrar could refuse the transfer for the following reasons:

  • The domain is not paid for.
  • The domain is less than 60 days old.
  • The domain is involved in a legal dispute and/or
  • Your current registrar refuses based on its company policies.

Most domain name transfers are approved and carried out quickly.

Tranfer Domain